Congratulations on your adoption of an OTTB from AFTER the Track!  The following terms and conditions apply to all horses adopted from our center.

Health Care

You are required to maintain the following minimum standard of care for your OTTB:

  • Routine and as needed veterinary care
  • Annual vaccines as recommended by your certified veterinarian
  • Dental care at least yearly
  • Worming at least twice yearly based on your vet recommendation
  • Hoof care on a regular schedule (every 6 weeks is adequate)
  • Tack Fitting and adjustments as needed: Your OTTB will continue to develop muscling as you continue training. As your horse’s body changes, you will need to recheck the fit of your saddles.  Back issues from poorly fitted tack often account for misbehaviors.

Annual veterinary reports are required (see Lifetime Updates below)


Your OTTB has been on a very small amount of grain (if any) since leaving the track.  His diet has consisted primarily of forage including free choice hay, hay stretcher and alfalfa pellets.  You will receive detailed information about your horse’s feeding program, including any supplements.  Of course, you are welcome to feed according to your preferences, but please be aware that large quantities of grain can change your horse’s personality.


Your OTTB has been through a Holistic Re-training Program and has been carefully introduced to the foundations of dressage, jumping, trail work and competition.   However, your OTTB is still green and will need continued training to polish his understanding of the aids and move beyond the basics.  Your horse’s AFTER the Track Profile documents his or her history and holistic assessment and training.

Your Adoption Fee entitles you to 2 lessons on your new OTTB before leaving AFTER the Track.  Your trainer is encouraged to attend these lessons and collaborate with the AFTER the Track trainer to plan for future training endeavors.

Should you at any time encounter behavioral or training issues that you and your professional trainer feel unable to manage, you are strongly encouraged to contact AFTER The Track for support and resources.  Our first question will likely be, “What are you feeding your horse?”


All AFTER the Track horses are to be placed in homes where they will have at least one other equine companion as they are herd animals and need to be able to socialize.  You may stable your OTTB at any approved location.

AFTER the Track requires current information on the whereabouts of all adopted OTTBs.  If you choose to move your horse to a different location, you must:

  1. notify AFTER the Track BEFORE the horse is moved
  2. provide the address of the new facility and the name and contact information of the new caretaker.  Additional information about the new stable may be requested.

Lifetime Updates

AFTER the Track requires 3 updates during your first year of ownership, and one update each year thereafter.  These updates allow us to maintain longitudinal records about how our horses do after they leave us, and inform us about whether our practices have the desired long-term impact on our horses.  We want to be sure every OTTB has a better life upon leaving AFTER the Track.

Our updates include:

  • Annual Health and Soundness Form from your veterinarian
  • Current stabling information
  • Training and riding update
  • Competition update
  • Stories to tell about your OTTB
  • Photos

Follow up support and assistance will continue to be available to you in: Riding, training, bodywork, tack fitting.


No horse adopted from AFTER the Track may be resold, given away, or otherwise transferred to a new owner within 12 months of adoption under any circumstances, except with prior approval, in writing, from AFTER the Track.

OTTBs adopted from AFTER the Track may be sold after one year.  This contract follows the horse and must be transferred to the new owner at the time of sale.  AFTER the Track will contact the new owner to ensure that they understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the original adoption agreement and will continue to provide annual updates of the OTTB.

Should you decide to sell your OTTB, you must:

  • Notify the AFTER the Track of your intentions prior to the sale of the horse,
  • Provide AFTER the Track with the name, address, and contact information of the potential new owner.
  • Notify the potential new owner of your contract with AFTER the Track and receive their signed agreement to accept and continue the contract.


You are responsible for transporting your horse to his new home.  We can assist you in arranging for transportation, and in some cases will provide transportation for a reasonable fee.


AFTER the Track horses may be bred for sport horse purposes but NEVER for racing.  If you do breed your OTTB, please send us your baby pictures.

End of Life

Should your OTTB need to be put to death, AFTER the Track must be notified immediately.  A certified veterinarian MUST a) verify the need for the horse to be euthanized, and, b) perform the euthanasia in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the American Association of Equine Practitioners.

Sending a horse to auction, slaughter, or to a livestock/horse dealer is absolutely condemned by AFTER the Track.  Euthanasia is a much deserved and dignified means for a horse to be put down.

Failure to adhere to these conditions may be considered grounds for voiding the Adoption Agreement. In the case that an adoption is voided due to breach of contract, AFTER the Track may, at its option, recover the animal without prior warrant.

I agree to all of the terms and conditions outlined in this Adoption Agreement.

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