Vision & Mission


To provide Thoroughbred racehorses who are no longer race competitive with long, meaningful lives in excellent homes, and to support others wishing to duplicate or expand our efforts.


  1. Work collaboratively with racetrack personnel to identify and acquire horses suitable for our program,
  2. Provide a holistic training program designed to prepare each Thoroughbred ex-racehorse for a new career as a sport and/or pleasure horse,
  3. Place well trained, healthy OTTBs in safe, secure adoptive homes with qualified owners,
  4. Educate the public about these remarkable athletes and our evidence-based practices, and promote retired Thoroughbred racehorses for sport and pleasure through dissemination,
  5.  Provide educational internships for college and high school students in areas including horsemanship, farm management and business innovations.

Ginny Iverson • Lakota Way Farm
3364 Silver St • Hinesburg, VT 05461

E-mail: • 802-355-5449 •

AFTER the Track, Inc. is a private, not for profit,
tax-exempt organization created under
501 (c)(3)of the Internal Revenue Code