What Our Interns Have to Say

Mollie Horan

University of Vermont
Animal Sciences
Internship Spring 2017

Words cannot describe how incredibly lucky I feel to have had the opportunity to work with the people and horses at AFTER the Track. I started out unsure of how I would grow as an intern – worried that I wouldn’t be able to make an impact on the horses during their training. However, I quickly realized that every moment spent at the farm was a chance to learn something new. Ginny made sure you were always involved, and she encouraged questions that were paired with insightful and detailed answers. Being surrounded by other interns that were learning with you was encouraging. We all helped each other and learned from one another. My biggest learning curve was learning how to communicate with the horses, both on the ground and under saddle. I feel that my confidence and trust with them has grown substantially, thanks to Ginny and my fellow interns encouraging me along the way to push myself to try new things. One standout quality of Ginny and the internship program is that she will never ask you to do something that she doesn’t believe you could accomplish – Ginny sees potential in all of her interns (and horses!) and every time I leave the farm I feel like I’ve grown. As an intern for AFTER you will have the chance to do a little bit of everything. We rode, groomed, massaged, stretched, fed endless treats, and watched horses transform before our eyes. All of us were involved with fundraising efforts also, such as the Kentucky Derby event and tabling at various locations to spread our mission and goals. I am excited to see the program grow and hope that prospective interns enjoy their time at AFTER as much as I did!

Kaitlyn Wurzer

Saint Michael’s College
Biology Major
Internship Spring 2017

My experience as an intern at AFTER the Track has been the best  experience I could have asked for. I learned first-hand about the time, effort and patience it takes to retrain OTTB’s and acclimate them to life off the track. Every day I learned something new from both Ginny and the horses, whether it was how to lead a nervous horse or developing tools to help a horse strengthen certain muscles. Ginny is an amazing role model and an even better mentor in the way that she shares her knowledge. Observing chiropractors, farriers and saddle fitters added my equine education and enabled me to gain knowledge and perspective from professionals in the field. The best take away from this internship was seeing how much progress these horses are capable of making in a few short months with handlers who encourage curiosity and show trust, consistency, and understanding. It is truly a rewarding experience to see these horses grow into their potential. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with all the wonderful people and horses at AFTER the Track and would highly recommend this internship to anyone interested in gaining experience with horses.



Taylor Schoonover

University of Vermont
Animal Sciences

“My internship at AFTER gave me the opportunity to apply skills that I have learned in my time at UVM as an animal science major. This hands on experience allowed me to learn about the training of Off the Track Thoroughbreds, the management of a boarding and training facility, working with the public at a non-profit, and so much more. I was able to work with the horses in hand and under saddle, travel to different clinics and shows, observe lessons, and assist in farm management all while earning 3 credits toward my degree. My experience was fantastic and I would recommend AFTER to anyone looking to enhance their skills with horses.”


Michelle Kirsch
University of Vermont

“I had a wonderful experience with AFTER the Track. I was able to gain hands-on experience learning about barn management, training and horse health throughout my semester. This allowed me to apply things I had learned in my UVM Animal Science classes to real world situations. I met a lot of different people, both professionals in the equine industry, and horse hobbyists. Visits to other farms, trail rides, watching clinicians and lessons, and working with the horses at Lakota Way Farm was fun, rewarding, educational, and earned me 3 credits at UVM. I would highly recommend an internship at AFTER to anyone interested in horse health, management, or training, or even business and non-profit work.”

Elaine Beaudin
Champlain Valley Union High School

“To be able to work with Ginny and AFTER the Track has changed my life. Not just learning about these beautiful horses, but about what they go through at the track and how to change them to become their full potential. At Champlain Valley Union High School, every senior has to do this huge project to present to a crowd of people. I chose to do mine on my internship through which I learned about what it takes to rescue, retrain, and rehome these horses. Learning on the way I got my first taste of an off the track Thoroughbred and it changed my point of view. Following a horse’s life, I got to see how they want to learn, to be different. They gain not just confidence in the world, but trust with people around them. Thanks to Ginny, she’s made it possible to give these horses a second chance and most people wouldn’t be able to do that much. I’m lucky to have met her and this amazing team of AFTER the Track.


Kate LeBlanc
University of Vermont

AFTER the Track was one of the best internship experiences that I have ever had. I had the opportunity to take part in and observe AFTER the Track’s mission to retrain retired racehorses. It was amazing to watch the horses as they learned and grew! Ginny is a wonderful horseperson and mentor, it’s very easy to tell that her horses are her world, and she does everything to give them all the opportunities possible to grow physically and mentally.


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