Shackey’s Love “KeyLo”


Shackey’s Love (KeyLo)

Bay gelding foaled February 20, 2008
Sir Shackleton – Mary Anne’s Love, by Not For Love
55 Starts – 9 firsts, 7 seconds, 6 thirds

Tax-Deductible Adoption Fee: Level A ($5000 – $7500)

After a long and prosperous racing career, KeyLo retired sound and is developing into an amazing sport horse. At 16.2 hands, he is a commanding presence. He has three lovely, balanced gaits and is forward thinking and brave. Steuart Pittman rode him at a clinic and pronounced KeyLo “fancy”!

KeyLo has many miles on the trails and has confidently and calmly navigated traffic, cows, silly dogs, critters in the woods, excavators, water, ditches, banks, drops and hills. He has started ring work including cavalleti, obstacle courses and small jumps.

KeyLo is considered the barn Loverboy, nuzzling everyone who stops at his stall. He spends a long time blowing in your ear and seems to study each person’s scent and etch it into his memory for future reference.

A very sensitive and studious worker, he prefers a calm, quiet and secure rider who is a leader. He is happy to take over for an indecisive rider, but happier to do what is asked of him when he receives clear instructions.

KeyLo gets along well with other horses and tends to be towards the top of the hierarchy in a herd.

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