Approximately 30,000 Thoroughbred horses are born annually to breeders who hope to raise a champion racehorse. Very few of these horses become stars during their careers and even fewer retire to lives of luxury. For the vast majority of racehorses, their post-career fate is uncertain and often very unfortunate.

Most racehorse owners do their best to find alternate placements for their Thoroughbreds when their careers end.  Some are sold, some go to retirement facilities or adoption programs.  But way too many are transported across U.S. borders for slaughter.  The USDA estimates that 10,000-15,000 Thoroughbreds are shipped to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico each year.  The median age of a retired racehorse is 5-6 years old, and many are healthy Thoroughbreds that just aren’t fast enough.

Thoroughbred racehorses deserve the opportunity to live long, meaningful and valued lives after their racing careers end.  AFTER the Track is committed to demonstrating the worthiness of OTTBs as pleasure and sport horses that can bring a lifetime of joy to horse enthusiasts.

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