This program specifies how Thoroughbred racehorses are selected by AFTER the Track. The goal of the Acquisition Program is to network, communicate and collaborate with racetrack management, owners, trainers, track veterinarians to:

  • Identify and acquire Thoroughbreds appropriate for our Holistic Retraining Program.
  • Assist racetrack personnel in advocating for and securing the best possible outcomes for any Thoroughbred racehorses that are no longer competitive.

Our intent is to work collaboratively with racetrack personnel to provide alternatives for racehorses that are no longer competitive.  Most owners and trainers do their best to ensure the positive outcomes for their horses.  Many utilize the services of CANTER to showcase their horses that are in need of new homes away from the track.  AFTER the Track seeks to partner with individuals and organizations who are dedicated to ensuring that adequate options exist for retiring Thoroughbreds.  We envision the day when slaughter becomes unnecessary and obsolete.

We identify potential candidates for our Holistic Retraining Program through multiple resources including trainers, owners and veterinarians.   We research the horse to learn about pedigree, race records, previous owners and trainers.  We visit the track to meet the Thoroughbreds in need of new homes and gather additional information from the current trainers and owners regarding personality, nutrition, health, soundness, training methods, training schedule, and any other information available.  We consult with veterinarians and schedule examinations as warranted.

Our careful and thorough research into each horse’s history gives us a leg up on selecting horses most likely to become competent, safe, and fun partners for adult amateurs and juniors as well as professionals.

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AFTER the Track, Inc. is a private, not for profit,
501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization