Sugar Princess “Aquila”

Chestnut Mare Foaled March 22, 2009

Unbridled’s Image – Wings of a Princess, by Rupert’s Wing

24 Starts

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Wow, this gorgeous chestnut mare has the looks, pedigree, temperament, and athleticism to do it all!  She came to us after a very busy racing season and is well adjusted to farm life after enjoying some well-deserved time off.

Shortly after she arrived, we realized that she is too classy and elegant a mare to be called “Sugar”, and we couldn’t bring ourselves to call her “Princess”.  One day, while on crossties, I pointed out her markings to Hannah.  She has little white dots on her left side that look like stars.  Hannah suggested they look like a constellation, so I drew lines between them.  Then we looked it up and found that her markings resemble the constellation, Aquila!  Voila, her barn name.  We think she likes it.

Aquila spends her days out to pasture with her buddies and looks forward to her grooming and body-work sessions.  Aquila loves hacking, boldly addresses water, banks, drops and ditches.  Her flat work is lovely and this mare can jump the moon.  She loves her new job.

This is one very special mare.

Shackey’s Love (KeyLo)

Bay gelding foaled February 20, 2008

Sir Shackleton – Mary Anne’s Love, by Not For Love

55 Starts – 9 firsts, 7 seconds, 6 thirds

               Earnings = $91,552

   After a long and prosperous racing career, KeyLo retired sound and is developing into an amazing sport horse. At 16.2 hands, he is a commanding presence. He has three lovely, balanced gaits and is forward thinking and brave. Steuart Pittman rode him at a clinic and pronounced KeyLo “fancy”!

KeyLo has many miles on the trails and has confidently and calmly navigated traffic, cows, silly dogs, critters in the woods, excavators, water, ditches, banks, drops and hills. He has started ring work including cavalleti, obstacle courses and small jumps.

KeyLo is considered the barn Loverboy, nuzzling everyone who stops at his stall. He spends a long time blowing in your ear and seems to study each person’s scent and etch it into his memory for future reference.

A very sensitive and studious worker, he prefers a calm, quiet and secure rider who is a leader. He is happy to take over for an indecisive rider, but happier to do what is asked of him when he receives clear instructions.

KeyLo gets along well with other horses and tends to be towards the top of the hierarchy in a herd.


Light Switch “Bling”

Chestnut gelding foaled April 30, 2003
Forever Dancer – Hey Kiddo, by Stone Country Kid
13 Starts

Click here for Bling’s pedigree and race records

Bling is the sweetest, kindest horse in our barn, a gentleman and a favorite at LWF. He greets everyone who enters the barn. He is a whiz at opening doors with his lips, so all latches on gates and stalls are double locked. His cutest habit is sucking his tongue, which he does after every treat. He likes to taste the deliciousness for as long as possible. Bling works hard and takes his new job quite seriously.

He has competed very successfully through training level eventing.  He is solid cross country and confident over ditches, banks, drops and water. Bling is honest in stadium and consistently scores well in dressage. Bling is a trooper on the trail and willingly handles rivers, ditches, traffic, deer, etc.  He would like to find an amateur owner who wants to continue with low level eventing, do lots of trail riding and just have fun.

Bling is 16 hands and very solid. He was described by his race trainer as a great guy, but not too fast. He did win 1 race in his racing career, but his trainer said it was the slowest races ever run. Oh well, he easily made the time on cross country.


Imperturbable (Turbo)

Chestnut gelding foaled March 14, 2003

Cloud Hopping – Vision de Luz, by El Prado

35 Starts

Click here for Turbo’s Pedigree and Race Records

Turbo is known around the farm as Dennis the Menace. He is a door opener, halter flinger, hat thief, and all around hilarious character. Turbo’s signature move is what we call “fly bys”. When trotting or cantering on the trail with his buddies, Turbo occasionally seems to break into song as he leaps into the air passing by the others in his particular combination of exuberance and showing off. He does not try to unload his rider, he just gets happy. He’s a fun loving guy. He enjoys being groomed, is great with the vet and farrier, and trailers well.

An exceptional athlete with 3 outstanding gaits and classic form over fences, Turbo has natural suspension, balance and impulsion. At 16.1 hands with color, chrome, and impressive movement, he is a serious presence.

Turbo is an outstanding trail horse who goes confidently in traffic, fields, woods, etc. alone and with company. Turbo likes having a job and prefers lots of variety in his work. Turbo has lots of competition and clinic experience.  Turbo would like a confident rider with a sense of humor like his, and who loves to hack.

 Twinkie Winks (Win)

Chesnut gelding foaled May 11, 2011

Midas Eyes – Twinkie Zone, by Wild Zone

34 Starts

Win has a serious WOW factor.  At 16.3 hands and with more chrome than my grand dad’s Cadillac, he is a real eye catcher.  But his looks aren’t even his best feature.  Win is Mr. Personality.  He is always in the middle of things seeking attention, playing tricks and keeping everyone in the barn on guard and laughing.  Under saddle, Win is calm and sensible and hasn’t put a foot out of place.

Win arrived at AFTER the Track last fall and after a few months of R&R, started his new job.  Win is doing lots of hacking and has been a superstar on the trail.  He is curious about the world and willing to go to new places and try new things.  Win has become comfortable with trailering and loads well.  In the ring, Win is developing balance and suppleness for flat work, and confidently approaches cavalletti, small jumps and varied obstacles. His three exceptional gaits along with his gentle calmness make him an outstanding sporthorse prospect.




Honest Johnny “Aspen”

Bay Gelding, foaled May 7, 2009

Chapel Royal – Circleoftruth, by Halo

25 Starts (1 First, 6 Seconds, 8 Thirds)

We are so thrilled that Aspen is with us. He found his way to AFTER the Track following a circuitous route. He left the track, spent some time training jockeys to race, then went to a farm for retraining. He was then sold to a junior rider as a jumper, and it just wasn’t a good match. Aspen’s caring family realized he was in trouble and contacted us to see if we could help.

After just a few months in training, Aspen is happily working on the flat, jumping small fences and enjoying long hacks with his buddies. He trailers well and handles new situations with confidence.

Aspen has a great work ethic, calm demeanor and perseverance. He learns quickly and retains what he learns. He is a big, solid gentleman with a strong desire to move forward.

A very solid 16.2, this kind, sweet horse will make someone a wonderful partner.



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