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After the track hosted Beyond Horse Massage: The Masterson Method weekend seminar-workshop on July 13 – 14, 2013 at Lakota~Way Farm.  I learned about the Masterson Method from my friend and board member, Kathy Spear, and after studying Jim’s book and dvd, I began working on my OTTBs to try the techniques and became absolutely sold!  Each horse was very different during the sessions, and each horse showed marked improvements.  I thoroughly enjoy doing this work with the horses (and they love it also) and their performance outcomes have impressed me.

The Masterson Method™ is an innovative form of bodywork that relaxes the horse’s body and relieves his muscles, connective tissue, and structure of deep stress and pain. Through the gentle and light manipulation of targeted Release Points; the movement of joints or junctions through a range of motion in a relaxed state; and studied observation of the horse’s responses (his reactions tell you what he is feeling), we open doors to improved health and performance while enhancing communication – and our relationship with the horse – along the way.

During the workshop, 10 participants practiced the techniques on a total of 8 horses, including four AFTER the Track OTTBs who impressed the clinic participants as quiet and sensible.  Bling was a stellar model for the demonstrations, and Turbo, Pi and Baloo thoroughly enjoyed the body work they received.  Several of the workshop participants will go on to participate in the 5 day advanced workshop and expressed interest in pursuing certification in the Masterson Method.  The Beyond Horse Massage: The Masterson Method™ is an approved provider for continuing education by the NCBTMB.

A sincere thank you to our instructor, Marie Riley, and to Phil Langdale, our assistant instructor.   AFTER the Track horses will continue to benefit from our improved body work skills as a result of this workshop.


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