Annual Holiday Ride and Luncheon

Saturday, December 28 was our LWF Annual Holiday Ride and Luncheon.  It was the first time ever that we were not able to hack (due to the icy footing), so we amused ourselves by playing indoor games with our horses, who seemed quite amused as well.  Seven horses (including OTTBs Bling, Baloo and Turbo) and their riders played musical stalls, follow the leader, and created an awesome drill team.  We finished up with pairs dressage tests done in mirror image.  Three other OTTBs – Pi, Diva and Aquila – stood outside and watched longingly through the open door.  They will get to play next time.  Almost 2 hours of riding fun was followed by a delicious holiday lunch with the greatest group of horse lovers ever…and their families.

Thanks to our non-riding guests – Debbie, Lanie, Tracey – for taking pictures, managing the music, moving rails, and laughing at us.  And thanks to Kelly, Lauren, Christy, Morgan, Erika and Skylar for making the games so much fun.  A special thanks to OTTBs Bling, Baloo and Turbo for paving the way for the games by completing a dress rehearsal the day before.

See our Facebook page for photos.

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