AFTER the Track Welcomes Backside Diva and Sugar Princess

Diva joined us on Sept. 29 and Sugar Princess arrived one month later.  These gorgeous 4 year old mares have impressive pedigrees and both have had very busy racing careers.


Diva has spent the last month relaxing, adjusting to the routines at Lakota~Way Farm, making new friends and getting used to being in a pasture.  She now crossties, lunges and has been started under saddle.  She has figured out how to navigate hills and varied terrain under saddle and seems to enjoy our little hacks.  She will spend the next few months out riding on the trails and getting ready for some training indoors this winter.

1stMeeting My first meeting with Diva at the track.




Diva’s first outings.   DivaPonyDivaHack




Sugar’s trip to Vermont was uneventful.  She happily walked into the trailer and munched hay for the 4-hour trip home.  She enjoyed some free time in the indoor before putting herself into her stall and settling in for the night.  Sugar has had a very intense racing season and has earned herself some well-deserved R&R.    Sugar

She goes out to pasture every day with Diva and has quickly adjusted to farm life.  She stands quietly on the crossties, enjoys being groomed and massaged, and seems to like being walked around the farm.  Sugar will have a few months of bodywork and basic handling before starting under saddle.



We are so excited about both of these girls.   They are gorgeous, very well bred, lovely movers, and 2 of the sweetest, easy-going mares we’ve had the honor to meet.  We invite everyone to stop by the farm and meet them.

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