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Thanks for visiting! We are excited to share our work and the gifts Off-Track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs) have to offer.


AFTER the Track is a re-training facility dedicated to ensuring the welfare of Thoroughbred ex-racehorses. We are proud to be accredited by the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance!

We understand the needs of OTTBs and the amazing gifts they have to offer. We focus on carefully transforming our horses into successful future partners — wherever that takes them. Our Thoroughbreds are given foundational training in dressage, eventing, show jumping, and trail/pleasure riding.

While in our program at Lakota~Way Farm, our horses also serve as the cornerstone of our educational internship and veterans outreach programs, serving the local community in ways that go well beyond the show ring.

Our Mission:

  • To protect young, healthy Thoroughbred racehorses from facing tragic circumstances when they leave the track.
  • To retrain OTTBs to be physically, psychologically and emotionally successful as sport, pleasure or therapy horses.
  • To serve our local community with educational and therapeutic programs centered on the gifts OTTBs can offer.
  • To match OTTBs with their people and cultivate sustainable partnerships between them.

Our Thoroughbreds Come From:

  • Racetracks when ready to retire from racing
  • Individuals who have been unsuccessful retraining them
  • Owners desiring assistance with retraining

Our Key Programs

Our Educational Outreach Program incorporates instruction and support for people wishing to learn our proven process for transforming OTTBs into successful sport and pleasure horses.  You can learn by working with your OTTB or with ours.  

Our Veteran’s Outreach Program builds connections between human and animal that are unlike any other. Our veteran-horse pairs work together to build trust, confidence, communication, social skills, and decrease social isolation. The end result: life-changing outcomes for both out combat veterans and retired racehorses.  See our program in action at http://www.mynbc5.com/article/combat-vets-with-ptsd-heal-alongside-former-race-horses/19180109.

Our Holistic Retraining Program is the backbone of AFTER the Track and the core of our work out of which all other activities evolve. Our first priority is to do the very best we can on behalf of each Thoroughbred that enters our facility.


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Ginny Iverson at Lakota Way Farm
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AFTER the Track, Inc. is a private, not for profit,
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