AFTER the Track is a specialized re-training and placement facility designed to secure the best possible futures for select Thoroughbred ex-racehorses. We are located at Lakota~Way Farm in scenic Hinesburg, Vermont.  AFTER the Track is a public, not for profit, tax-exempt organization created under 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

AFTER the Track aspires to work with owners and trainers to ensure the welfare of retiring racehorses. We understand the needs of OTTBs (Off the Track Thoroughbreds) and the gifts they have to offer. Our Thoroughbreds are retrained to excel in dressage, eventing, showing, trail and pleasure riding. AFTER the Track offers safe, healthy, well-trained Thoroughbreds for reasonable, tax deductible donations to individuals seeking partners for equestrian endeavors.

 Our Holistic Retraining Program is the backbone of AFTER the Track and the core of our work out of which all other activities evolve. Our first priority is to do the very best we can on behalf of each horse that enters our facility. We can touch the lives of many people by offering safe, healthy, athletic, affordable, and fun equestrian partners. Through our not for profit approach, we can do this using a transparent system that is designed solely to benefit the horses and people who love them.

Training Philosophy

We believe that every horse wants to work and will gladly learn what we are teaching if they are comfortable, feel safe and secure, and understand our instructions. We consider ourselves teachers, and the success of our “students” depends on the quality of our relationships and of our instruction.

The relationship we develop with each horse is paramount. Horses expect us to be their leaders. We must be confident, consistent and fair in our methods, and we must be crystal clear in explaining what we want them to do. At AFTER the Track, we utilize small step instruction that minimizes errors and promotes steady achievement on the part of each horse. We build on success. Success generates confidence, and confidence influences effort. Confident horses try hard to excel.

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Ginny Iverson • Lakota Way Farm
3364 Silver St • Hinesburg, VT 05461

E-mail: info@afterthetrack.org • 802-355-5449 • afterthetrack.org

AFTER the Track, Inc. is a private, not for profit,
tax-exempt organization created under
501 (c)(3)of the Internal Revenue Code